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Window Tinting

Improve your driving experience with our Window Tinting service! Discover a fusion of style and practical benefits as our professional tinting enhances your vehicle. Enjoy reduced UV exposure, cooler interiors, minimized glare, and increased privacy.

Choose from a variety of tint shades to complement your vehicle’s aesthetic, and rely on our skilled technicians for a seamless application. Upgrade your driving environment with our Window Tinting service, where style effortlessly meets comfort.

Why choose Window Tinting?

Change your driving experience and vehicle appearance with our Window Tinting service. This service provides a cooler interior by reducing UV exposure, cuts down glare for safer driving, and adds privacy for your peace of mind.

Our selection of tint shades is tailored to complement your vehicle’s style, while our expert technicians ensure a flawless application. By choosing our Window Tinting service, you gain both aesthetic appeal and practical benefits, making every trip more enjoyable and comfortable.

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What is Coloured Paint Protection Film (PPF), and how does it differ from traditional clear PPF? 

Colored Paint Protection Film offers the same protective features as traditional clear PPF, such as shielding the car’s paint from scratches, debris, and environmental damage, but with an added advantage of color customization.

 It allows vehicle owners to change their car’s appearance with various colours and finishes, providing both aesthetic enhancement and paint protection.

How long does Coloured PPF last on a vehicle? 

The longevity of Coloured PPF can vary based on the film’s quality, exposure to environmental elements, and maintenance.

Typically, high-quality Coloured PPF can last between 5 to 10 years. Regular maintenance and proper care can extend its lifespan and preserve its appearance. 

Can the Coloured PPF be removed, and will it affect the original paint? 

Yes, Coloured PPF can be professionally removed without damaging the original paint.

The film is designed to protect the underlying paint, so when removed correctly, it leaves the paint intact and in its original state, provided the paint was in good condition before the film application.

Are there limitations to the colours and finishes available with Coloured PPF? 

Colored PPF comes in a wide variety of colors and finishes, including matte, satin, and gloss, to match or completely transform your vehicle’s look.

However, the range of colours and finishes available can vary by manufacturer, so it’s best to consult with your provider about their specific offerings to find the perfect option for your vehicle. 

How do I care for and maintain my vehicle after applying Coloured PPF? 

Caring for a vehicle with Coloured PPF involves regular washing to remove dirt and contaminants, using non-abrasive cleaning products, and avoiding harsh chemicals that can damage the film.

It’s also recommended to keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight for extended periods to prevent premature fading or discolouration. Following the specific care guidelines provided by the installation technician or manufacturer will help ensure the film remains in top condition.

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