frequently asked

What distinguishes Vinyl wrap from paint protection film (PPF)?

Paint protection film (PPF) is the most robust product available, shielding a vehicle’s paint or surface from daily and highway driving, and stone chips, and it possesses self-healing properties. PPF is available in clear, stealth finish, and various colors. Due to its durability, PPF is typically more expensive than vinyl wrap. Vinyl, as the second most durable option, also safeguards the vehicle’s paint or surface, but it lacks self-healing properties and comes in a variety of colors.

How long does the colour-changing process take using either PPF or vinyl?

Generally, altering the color of a vehicle using either PPF or vinyl requires 2-4 days, depending on the specific project and vehicle type.

What is the lifespan of vinyl wrap?

We offer a warranty for vinyl wrap lasting up to 5 years for non-physical damages, covering issues such as pilings, bubbling, or lifting. However, the vinyl wrap can remain on the vehicle beyond the 5-year term without requiring removal.

What is the lifespan of paint protection film (PPF)?

Our warranty for paint protection film (PPF) extends up to 7 years for non-physical damages, encompassing concerns like pilings, bubbling, or lifting. PPF can endure beyond the 7-year term without mandating removal.

Does installing vinyl wrap or PPF void a warranty?

Installing vinyl or paint protection film does not void a warranty. Proper installation involves removing basic vehicle parts such as emblems, handles, mirrors, and, in some cases, tail lights.

Does removing vinyl wrap or PPF damage the paint on the vehicle?

The process of removing vinyl or paint protection film is safe and does not harm the paint on new cars. The only potential risk of chipping occurs if the vehicle has previously undergone a poorly executed paint job using low-quality products.

Does vinyl wrap require special care?

For vehicles wrapped in vinyl, we recommend using touch less car washes, coin-operated car washers, or handwashing to prevent swirl marks that may result from brushes used in traditional car washers.

Does paint protection film require special care?

Paint protection film is highly durable, and any type of washing method, whether touch less or with brushes, can be used without concern.
Typically, it is advised to avoid using brushed car washes, as they have the potential to harm your vehicle’s paint.

Do you provide Financing?

We offer financing services. Kindly visit the “Financing” page on our website and complete the form to initiate the approval process.