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professional ceramic coating for cars

Admit, you would love to enjoy the fresh look of your car, just the way it looked when you got it at the dealership! But the road life takes its toll! The elements, stone chips, salt from the road, the UV rays, and those endless scratch and scuff marks left by other drivers parking too close. Don’t you wish it all never affected your car?

Luckily, nanotechnology is now at your service! Although, ceramic coating has been in the market for some time, now it has become more affordable and technology have been substantially improved.

How car ceramic coating works?

Ceramic coating is a protective layer of nano agent expertly applied on the prepared car surface. It seals in the micro pores and any unevenness on the surface and creates a protective barrier around your car paint.

Ceramic coating is semi permanent and will last you fairly long. But will wear off eventually and will need a maintenance in its time.

It will be more efficient and will cost you less if you apply it on the new car, as the surface will require less preparation.

What does ceramic coating do?

  • Creates waterproof barrier
  • Prevents fading
  • Protects paint layer from deterioration
  • Protects from rust
  • Prevents light scratches and light chips

Ceramic coating – professional vs DIY application.

With so many DIY ceramic coating products advertised on the market, now that the method has become really popular, you may be tempted to do it yourself. But is it really worth it?

With so many off the shelf products out there, that claim to do what ceramic coating actually does, it is easy to end up with a bad product, that simply won’t do what it claims. An essential part of application process is car surface preparation including buffing the car. Any visible streaks, leaks or clouding on the surface will be sealed for good by the agent and visible as long as the coating is applied.

Having done it professionally by licensed technicians at our shop you are guaranteed:

  • Top quality ceramic coating agent available only to licensed dealers
  • Strict compliance with the technology process requirements
  • Thorough and even application – that will guarantee entire surface covered and protected
  • Professional level of car surface preparation – de-greasing, and buffing without streaks or clouding
  • Peace of mind that the car will not be damaged during application
  • Professional recommendation on how to maintain the coating


If you have any questions on Ceramic coating application process, or simply want to book an appointment, contact us now.

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professional ceramic coating for cars

Ceramic Coating

Admit, you would love to enjoy the fresh look of your car, just the way it looked when you got