Plasti Dip

Plasti Dip

Perhaps your car has had the same boring colour for a while now. Or maybe you have a new colour in mind, one that will impress everyone you know. Look no further then getting a Plasti Dip coating. Plasti Dip is a special rubber coating that air-dries onto your vehicle. It’s durable, flexible, and insulating coating allows you to colour your vehicle how you want, while also being easily removable when needed. Once applied by one of our professionals at Wrap District, your coat can last you up to three years, but you can apply a different coat or remove your current one any time you’d like.

Plasti Dips are incredibly resistant and hold up against heat, cold, and even sun radiation. It is  also available in a variety of colours, so that you can find exactly the colour you’ve been searching for. Whether you’re looking for a luxurious metallic, a shining gloss finish, or something more flashy and exotic, Plasti Dip will conveniently offer it  to suit anyone's tastes and imagination.

Benefits of Plasti Dip

Our professionals here at Wrap District know everything there is to know about Plasti Dip coatings, so your vehicle will be in good hands. We work very hard to ensure that your vehicle receives the proper treatment and steps that it takes to apply a new coating. Once applied, your vehicle is now resistant to the elements… plus it looks great! Plasti Dips can also be applied to tires for an even more stylish look. Aside from looking great, Plasti Dip tire dips also protect your tires from the salt and snow that come as a result of our harsh Canadian winters.

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