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Head/Tail/Fog light Covers

Contact with UV rays over time to your head and taillights create a cloudy and hazy effect, causing light to be diminished when emitted through the covers. Applying a protective film cover can not only prevent such, but protect from sandblasting or gravel impact when driving behind vehicles. Our film is cut with precision to…
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Auto Upholstery

When factory car seat interiors become dull or worn out, our team and partners can provide the solution for you. Car seats provide most of the look and experience of the car interior, therefore giving the personalization you need goes a long way. Sewing and trimming techniques to change the material, color, or design of…
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Window Tinting

Ready to make your vehicle safer, more efficient, and better looking? Look no further then Wrap District’s own window tinting. Most of the people not know that window tinting should not necessarily be dark; there are a variety of tones that will give a different look to your car with the same benefits. We offer it…
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Wheel Works

Brake dust and stone chips can affect your wheels, so adding the slightest protection can be a difference. Powder coating rims can essentially weaken the alloy in the rims due to the immense heat used in applying it. Wrapping your rims can be a cheaper and safer alternative, while also being fully reversible. Be creative,…
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