Paint Protection Film

Paint Protection Film PPF in Toronto

Your fresh new paint job or car wrap looks great – and you hope that it will that way over the years. A perfect way to keep your car in mint condition, looking like when you bought it, is by applying a Paint Protection Film (or PPF) here at Wrap District! With this high-quality film, […]

Custom Interior

The ever-growing demand for personalization allows us to be innovative and help you make you that much closer to a dream car. Vinyl applications on door panels, steering wheels, trims and handles etc. can accompany the overall image of your vehicle. When dealing with such detail required work, it is best to leave it to […]

Custom Boat Wrapping

We can apply vinyl to painted hulls (topcoat or undercoat), gelcoats, or even aluminum as long as the surfaces are sound. Why pay premium for a marine paint job when wrapping does the job at only a portion of the cost. Vinyl can be applied under the waterline of some vessels, generally smaller boats that […]

Car Wrap

Car Wrapping

What is a better way to customize a car than to treat it to a custom vinyl car wrap? Car wraps are large decals applied right over a vehicle’s original paint, allowing easy appliance and/or removal. Stylish, eye-catching, and cool, a brand new colorful car wrapping can make any car stand out in the crowd. […]