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Ceramic Coating

Admit, you would love to enjoy the fresh look of your car, just the way it looked when you got it at the dealership! But the road life takes its toll! The elements, stone chips, salt from the road, the UV rays, and those endless scratch and scuff marks left by other drivers parking too…
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Plasti Dip

Perhaps your car has had the same boring color for a while now. Or maybe you have a new color in mind, one that will impress everyone you know. Getting a Plasti Dip coating could be the right solution for you. What is Plasti Dip? Plasti Dip is a special non-slip, rubber coating that air-dries…
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Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon Fiber Wrap Want to take your car's appearance to the next level? A carbon fiber wrap plasti dip will give you the carbon fiber look that car enthusiasts across the world are so much after. Easily applied, a carbon fiber wrap plasti dip looks great and nobody does it better then Wrap District! Designed…
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Paint Protection Film

Your fresh new paint job or car wrap looks great - and you hope that it will that way over the years. A perfect way to keep your car in mint condition, looking like when you bought it, is by applying a Paint Protection Film (or PPF) here at Wrap District! With this high-quality film,…
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