Carbon Fiber Wrap

Carbon Fibre Wrap

Want to take your car's appearance to the next level? A carbon fiber wrap plasti dip will give you the carbon fiber look that is sought out by car enthusiasts across the world. Easily applied, a carbon fiber wrap plasti dip looks great and nobody does it better then Wrap District! Designed to replicate the sleek and famed carbon fibre material that has been adorning cars since the early ‘90’s, notorious for ultra-luxurious appearance, strength, and its lightness. Compared to other materials, carbon fibre is typically reserved for vehicles owned by the richest of the rich, however, with Wrap District’s Carbon Fibre Wrap Plasti Dip, you will be able to apply one of the most envied patterns in the entire world to your car.

Same Great Look for a Lower Price

The use of carbon fibre was originally a breakthrough in science, as it was 5 times stronger than steel, yet somehow much lighter. Not only was it effective in being a sturdy and lightweight material though; car lovers across the world took notice of its bold and eye-catching appearance.

Carbon Fibre quickly become a phenomenon in the racing world for it’s impressive qualities and visual appeal. Carbon Fibre material began to be applied to vehicles of the highest calibre, even including Formula 1 racecars. But the insanely high cost of creating carbon fibre caused it be reserved only for cars way above the average consumer's price range. Carbon Fibre Wrap Plasti Dip was created with the intention of achieving the same visual finesse as the original carbon fibre look for only a fraction of the price. While some may try to apply a sub-par wrap with air bubble or incorrect dimensions, Wrap District ensures the highest quality wrap so that you can show off just how good your car really looks.

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